Scenes from Alabama

While we were in England last November, it was quite the thing to take pictures of authors' homes.

This is not an author's home, but something right out of a fairy tale! My friend Alyssa works for the owner who is an interior designer and whose husband is a custom builder. Isn't the place enchanting? I didn't take pictures inside because the lighting was too dim, but the owner had incorporated all sorts of old treasures from Europe into not only the decor, but the actual structure of the house.

As you know, I spent several days with the Chancey family. Mrs. Chancey is an author and has co-authored several books and written numerous articles, so in the great tradition, here is a picture of the Chancey's home, a handsome brick structure in a spacious neighborhood.

Another favorite shot was of oneself standing in the doorway. Here I am wearing a regency daygown and pinafore sewn from Mrs. Chancey's beloved patterns. See my mary janes? I got them and a black pair on sale for $15 a pair!


Anonymous said…
I especially like the castle home. Betty Gram, Mum and I are ravenous to see the English country side. It's torture to just wish for it, I really must find a godly young man over in Wales, England, Scotland or IRELAND and marry him!
llane said…
great pictures!

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