Kylee Says Come for Tea

Kylee the Poodle says, "Come and share a pot of tea,
The house is warm and my friendship's free!"

Friday night and what better way to end a busy week and kick off a weekend than by having friends over for tea and a viewing of Miss Potter? Kylee and I couldn't think of one! But first there were preparations to make for a surprise birthday picnic on Saturday for Kim, my roommate.

Before heading to Dr. Babcox's where I am staying this week, Kim's sister, Gwen, and I made a mad dash to the grocery store for supplies: strawberries and red grapes (on sale!), smoked turkey and muenster cheese for whole wheat wraps, Sun Chips, and ingredients for cupcakes. Having prepared our lunch for today, I proceeded to make scones for our evening tea while Gwen settled down at the dining table to do her tax class homework.

Conspiritors in the Picnic Plot

At eight our guests arrived, a few of the ladies from the England trip, and other friends whose company is really too pleasant to forfeit.

Talitha of the Smiling Eyes

Scones and strawberries, butter, honey, and cherry jelly were our refreshments, accompanied by plenty of tea--or milk for those who preferred it.

Rebekah and Michelle-Who-Makes-Us-Laugh

Rebekah Says "Yum!"

We put in the movie and settled back to enjoy the tale of Beatrix Potter. Kylee was so excited to have company, she could not contain herself. More interesting than the movie were all the lovely ladies perched around the living room. Eventually, her presence became too distracting and we had to ask her, politely of course, to go to her room. Disappointed, she nevertheless complied, and we appeased her with a bite of a scone.


llane said…
sounds like fun! scones... yummy... i think i need to make some...

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