As one friend observed on viewing this blog, "Life is just one tea party after another!" How observant of her!

And what's a tea party without a bit of gossip? Don't worry, this is the good kind, the happiest kind. One of my oldest, dearest friends, Gabrielle, whom I've known since we were both little girls, is engaged! I didn't know she had a suitor, but I had an intuition. We hardly ever talk any more, and our correspondence seems to have shrunk to an exchange of Christmas cards. However, when we do communicate, we are as close to kindred spirits as ever. I've been thinking of Gabrielle recently, wondering how she has been, thinking how I shouldn't be surprised to hear that she was getting married. Now here is the happy news! Her wedding in June will be the third I'm slated to attend this Spring.


llane said…
hooray for weddings!
Ali said…
Hi Rebecca,
Thanks for your comment on the dim dark past of my blog. Yes, Christina Rossetti, sigh ... I love your pictures. They don't appear in my RSS reader unfortunately, but it's nice to see them here.

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