Capping It Off

I wore my hair down today and my friends all expressed their amazement at its length and natural curl. "Have you ever cut it?" I have, but it has been years, I invariably have to explain. Most days, I wear my hair done up in some Regency-esque fashion, the curl still visible, never wound into a fierce bun or frizzed into anything too ostentatious.

But there are days when I long to look and feel like a Jane Austen heroine, or even the author herself, and I must don a Regency gown. Nothing else will do! I've long wished for a white cap to top off the impression. You will think me silly for it, and you'd be right: I've gone bought a white cap to wear when I am puttering around the house and garden this summer.

"I have made myself two or three caps to wear in the evenings since I came home," writes Austen in 1798, "And they save me a world of torment as to hair-dressing!" Perhaps I can consider the cap an investment, since it will save me the time of arranging my hair of a morning.

Cap by Romantic History


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