When all the children were safely tucked away for the night, Mrs. Chancey and I gathered up some handwork projects and tucked ourselves in the library to watch a movie. Mrs. C. had trim to apply on an silk apricot gown like Marianne Dashwood's. It is made from Mrs. C's Elegant Lady's Closet pattern and Miss Keen will model it for the new Sense and Sensibility Pattern Catalogue. I was finishing up another knitted scarf, this one my fifth since Christmas and fashioned in brown boucle from Miss Whitehead's yarn stash.

But yes, back to the movie. I hadn't seen Miss Potter (2006), so that is what we watched. And it was very good.


llane said…
sammy and i just watched it last week before we went to tulsa! we both enjoyed it thoroughly. sammy wasn't even going to watch it, but he's glad he did.

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