"Alone, alone, all, all alone"*

"I am always best when alone. No place is like my own study: no company like good books; especially the book of God."
~Matthew Henry

Morning is my favorite time of day, for this is when I am alone, all alone in our room on the second floor of Foster women's dormitory. My roommate has left for breakfast. Other times during the day, I am also alone, but in public spaces, which is not the same. After a night's rest, I begin to awaken, my mind nearly always a-swarm with worries and thoughts of despair. I try to fend those off by giving thanks for the blessings I enjoy and by reminding myself of God's new mercies. I rise, stumbling to the shower, usually before anyone else is around. I dress and fix my hair. By this time, I am nearly awake, and I am able to turn my thoughts more fully to devotion.

*Who can guess the literary reference in the title of this post without resorting to a Google or Wikipedia search?


llane said…
no idea. i feel stupid. ;(

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