Welcome to the World of Writing & Thinking

Here is the writing center where I work, officially called the Center for Writing and Thinking (CWT). Some people think it's merely a computer lab, and they breeze in to print off papers or check their email on their way to class. This picture was taken on a quiet Friday afternoon (like today) when students had the weekend on their mind rather than next week's assignments.

Some students know the CWT for its friendly writing assistants. We exist to help students become better writers, and we do this by listening to their ideas, brainstorming, and helping with organizational and rhetorical aspects of their paper. Sometimes we consult on issues of grammar and spelling as well.

Grant and Sam

Some students think we're grammar snobs, but we know we're not perfect.

Grant and Rebekah show consternation and remorse

Due to the distracting nature of cell phones, their use is not permitted in the CWT.

Katie Knows Better!

Rebekah exemplifies the mature behavior that is the characteristic encouraged among our writing assistants this semester. Notice her friendly smile. She's ready to help with your paper, even though it's been a long, hard week.

Rebekah Says, "Would you like a reader response?"

And here I am in my corner of the CWT, trying to stay out of the way and out of trouble. Chances are, if I am not givng a reader response or working on a homework assignment, I am posting to my blog!


llane said…
oh, fun! that sounds like a great job! ;)

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