Truth Be Told

Have you ever wondered what fairy tales accomplish? I have. Frivolity masks their signficance. Dr. Barnes believes that the stories we know and love as children cut a groove in our souls for the truth. I think he's right.


llane said…
most of them also have strong moral messages... if you look for them. ;)
I'm a strong believer in the beauty of fairy stories. Consider reading CS Lewis' essay on that topic.
Rebecca said…
What does Lewis say about fairy stories? I want to know. I love fairy tales and I've always felt that between the "Once upon a time" and "happily ever after" there lies troves of truth.
The full comments can be found in his book "On Stories: And Other Essays on Literature". A brief synopsis can be found here:

Check out the link at the bottom of that page for JRR Tolkien's article "On Fairy Stories".

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