Opening Up

As a personal blog, this one is less than I could wish. I can be enigmatic at times. Most times. The whole idea of posting my deepest musings to the world is frightening. Yet, I prefer to keep my blog visible to the public and not password-protect it. I need to maintain some distance, but I want you all to feel at home here and welcome to my life. How can I do that? Any suggestions?


llane said…
yes, you are profoundly enegmatic most of the time. ;) i keep one blog password protected and one open to the public. although i never actually post on the one that is open to the public, so i guess it hardly counts. i'm all for protection, honestly. ;)
Jody said…
I ask myself the same questions! I am new to 'blogging' and would like to link you to my blog at if I may.
Rebecca said…
Happy blogging, Jody! And you are certainly welcome to include a link to my blog. Thanks for asking!

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