Two New Scarves

A kind friend hand-knit this homespun scarf for me. I love the warm cream color and that it is hand-made. Hand-made gifts are special because they reflect the time and thought of their creator.

A sweet lady from church saw my ensemble of pink and brown and black today, and when I went to greet her, she removed her scarf and wrapped it around my neck. "I want you to have this. I bought it yesterday, and it is for you." I love the softness of this scarf, the colors, and that it reminds me of the woman and her faithful prayers.

Thank you, God, for little things.


Amy said…
Ah ha...that's where my pink turtleneck sweater has gone. I like your new scarves!
llane said…
lovely, don't you just adore scarves? i now live somewhere where i can wear scarves year-round, so i'm always expanding my collection whether it be warm and cozy scarves or light and gauzy scarves. they are all terrific!

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