In England: Day Four--Glastonbury

In Glastonbury, our first stop was the local pub for a trip to the WC! We had a long climb up to the top of the famed Glastonbury Tor where the tower of St. Michael's Church still stands, dating from the 14th century. Glastonbury is reputed to be the site of the first Christian church in England, founded Joseph of Arimathea soon after Jesus' ascension.

Glastonbury Tor & the Tower of St. Michael's

Climbing the Tor

Overlooking Somerset from the Tor

Looking In, Looking Out of St. Michael's Tower

Glastonbury Abbey Ruins

The Puritans sacked the the Abbey during the Cromwellian period. The standing ruins are still awe inspiring. You simply don't get a sense of the massive proportions of Glastonbury Abbey from the portion shown above.


llane said…
wow, the abbey ruins are just breath-taking. that last shot, especially.

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