The House That Mum Bought

This is the serendipitous downtown find my sister made and my mother bought just before Christmas. Although the white exterior is rather stark, step inside and it feels like home.

Mill Street Cottage

The minute I came in the front door, I stepped over to the drapes and pulled them back, exclaiming to my mother "I'm dropping out of school and I'm moving in!"

The Living Room

I have a weakness for built-ins, especially bookshelves. The north bedroom features this bank of shelves and a whole wall of a closet.


The kitchen and bathrooms need updating, but the issues are merely cosmetic. The house quite sound with all new windows. Mum is working on a color scheme for the exterior: two shades of cream and a gray-green blue, and I heartily approve her choices. Although it obviously impossible to quit school to move into the house, should I decide to return to my hometown, I will have a place to live and a good landlady.


Oh, it's lovely!
llane said…
that is precious. i doth covet a house right now. can't you imagine landscaping it with an overgrown english garden? ahhh....

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