A Hike at Henning State Forest

The morning was cold and damp, but we were determined to take a hike at Henning State Forest before school starts next week. We saw many trees as you would expect in a forest, but they were skinny trees. Here some of us paused infront of a tree whose tenacious orange leaves still clung to the branches.

Amanda and Johanna


We climbed over a lot of rocks, forded streams, and trailed through some mud.

Fording the Stream

Michelle the Daring

Joshua and Michelle discussed some interesting topics, while the others of us mostly evesdropped. I found the temperature too cold and the path too obstacle-ridden to permit my focusing on discussions too deep!

Mes trois amis

Gurgling Ozark Stream

Michelle Looks Back

Pressing On

We walked and walked and walked, and it seemed like we should be getting back to the parking lot, after an hour and a half, but little did we know, we were only halfway around the Homesteader's Loop.

Checking Our Course at the Halfway Point

The Road Ahead

Three hours later, when we finally finished the hike, we had walked, climbed, slipped and tripped over five miles, and this evening, I am growing stiff and sore, but it was worth the trip to be out in the wilderness!


Love the pictures! It looks like it was a fun hike. :-) So different to see Fall-like trees instead of snow-covered ones...
llane said…
so pretty! sounds like an "invigorating turn about the park"! ;)

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