In England: A Birthday in Somerset, Part One

Foggy morning

The View from our Window

Our Hotel, the Open Window in the Tower Being Ours

22 November 2007

It not a birthday soon to be forgotten. Grant and I explored the streets of the village of Limpley Stoke, hiking up the footpaths behind vine-covered cottages and houses and peering over garden walls. We climbed a stile to walk down by the Avon river where cows were grazing and we watched the morning's emergence through the fog.

Returning the to hotel, we enjoyed a delicious hot breakfast. John-our-Guide made a special speech in honor of my birthday in England and presented me with a lovely card depicting a Cotswold church with sheep grazing in the foreground, which was signed by all the members of our group.

For those curious in what we ate, the traditional fare consists of broiled tomatoes, ham, sausage, scrambled and poached eggs, baked beans, sauteed mushrooms, stewed dried fruit and fruit salad on occasion, toast brought to the table in quintessentially British toast racks, butter & assorted jams, kippers, cheese, and tea, tea, tea!

That British breakfasts were so hardy, we were thankful! Our Thanksgiving day's intinerary was an ambitious one.

To be continued...


llane said…
keep the england posts coming, i'm enjoying them oh! so! much!

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