I'm stuck. My mind simply refuses to form a cogent thought. So, instead of writing my paper about Stephen Crane's characterization of the Captain in "The Open Boat," I'm back to blogging.

How are my gentle friends and readers?

My weekend plans are shaping up. Generally, the weekend is dedicated to homework and a few hours' relaxation with friends. This weekend looks like it will be a busy one!
  • C of O will hold the second Colloquium on Faith and Learning, "whose purpose is to provide a regular forum in which students, faculty, and staff can be encouraged to integrate their intellectual pursuits with their devotion to Christ." A number of faculty members will be presenting papers, and along with them, my friend Grant, an English and History major, will present his paper, “The Imagined Past: Developing an Awareness of Historical Context through the Literary Fiction of G. K. Chesterton.” Should be good!
  • Mandy Foster is setting up her Timely Tresses millinery offerings on sutler's row at the reanactment of the battle at Pea Ridge in Arkansas this weekend. I suppose I'll make a little jaunt down south to see her, since she's here all the way from NC!
When will I do my homework? Je ne sais pas!

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