England Lodgings

I must confess the relief that I felt when my professor in Romantic and Victorian Literature sent us the links to the hotels at which we will be staying on our trip to England. I had imagined far less commodius lodgings than these!

After a night in the Manchester airport hotel, we will be staying in The Waterside on Lake Grasmere in the Lake District.

The Waterside

In Bath, we will stay at Limpley Stoke, a Best Western. The lodgings date back to the reign of James I!

Limpley Stoke Best Western

In Stratford Upon Avon, this is to be our home: The Thistle. It dates from the Regency period.

The Thistle

Just five weeks until we depart!


Lillibeth said…
It all looks so exciting! Take lots of pictures--- take an empty camera this time, please, and charge the battery before you go!
llane said…
oh how fun! the thistle! i remember that, i think it's near the mainstage of the royal shakespeare company. i stayed at the falcon when i was there, you'll see it, right across the street from anne hathaway's garden. can't wait to hear about your trip!

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