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I don't deserve it, but I had a real, live letter from Lillibeth last week, or maybe the week before? And Mummy sent me a box of treats, best of which was a box of Twining's tea. I'm loved, and life is good.

September 7th, 2007

Dear Rebecca,
I hope the sight of this note doesn't shock you into a faint! I actually think I have two minutes to sit down to write! You must be back in the swing of things at school now. After Monday, I think [Aiden] will have some time off, and I hope he can give me some time off to sew! He could do a special homeschool unit "for boys only" and let me take a whack at my Regency wardrobe.

Today I hatched a plan for an Austen Autumn Tea. Everyone comes in costume and character. We will have "entertainment, I declare!" and get someone to sing for us. Mom is going to be Mrs. Croft (since she, too, has been to the West Indies). I noticed on the S & S Forum that over 10% of the ladies are from Oregon. But where? I wonder if any of them ar close enough to come to Tea? I wish you could come--but you will no doubt be having Tea in England and enjoying it immensely!

I hope all goes well with you at school--please don't turn post-modernist on me!

Love Your Friend,


Lillibeth said…
eek! I'm getting de ja vu...

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