Lazy Days

I'm home and I've been home since Wednesday, but I haven't accomplished much of anything. Just lazed about the house, teacup in hand, indulging in the luxury that I can be lazy if I want to. For now. When classes start next week, I will have to bury my nose in my books until December. I see no reprieve in sight before that. Perhaps I am wrong; I hope I am. I hope the semester is easier than I expect it to be with three literature classes and 21 credit hours. I hope I have time to sew and knit and crochet because I have projects I'd like to work on before my trip to England in November. I started my autumn red crocheted tam yesterday, and now that it's almost done and I'm out of yarn, I want to try my hand at another yarn project.


Elizabeth J said…
I love your head scarf and new layout... both quite lovely. :)
llane said…
great new layout and your scarf is delightful. i feel like i've never seen you wear an adornment in your hair (y'know, besides a hat or bonnet), and it is quite charming. rest up!

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