In Preservation of My Sanity

I dropped a class, and while it feels like admitting defeat, or at least feels like a blow to my pride, I hope by doing it, I will save my sanity. Now I will only be taking 18 credit hours. What good does it profit a girl to gain 3 extra credit hours, if it means she'll lose her mind? Really. My American Government professor, and friend, Mrs. B. called last night, worrying that her class might be too much. "I should be teaching next semester; you could always take it then," she assured. My mother warned me I might suffer a nervous breakdown if I tried to pull such a heavy load, that my GPA might suffer. So, short of it, I decided to heed the advice. My friends should all be relieved that they won't have the unpleasant responsibility of committing me to a mental institution, mid-semester.


llane said…
lol! i remember that feeling of defeat when dropping a class... but i also remember the semesters when i had too much on my plate and literally thought i would die from the pressure of it all. wise decision, m'dear. you won't regret it!

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