It is utterly impossible to blog every detail of life...who cares, anyway? "We do not remember days...we remember moments," writes Cesare Pavese. The problem is that having not written a word all week, I can't seem to recollect even moments worth remembering from the week past. Let's see... I suppose the highlight of the week was fabric shopping on Saturday morning before the tourists were out en masse and That Dreadful Store was somewhat quiet. Rachael and I spent a good 1 1/2 hours rummaging around in the very cluttered fabric department of TDS. We have intentions of spending the last few weeks of summer sewing up a storm, making some pretty new clothes. I am dying for new Regency attire, so for myself, I am planning to make a summery Regency daygown, as well as a couple of Regency inspired gowns for my England trip. Rachael wants to try her hand at a skirt and a pair of drawstring pants, both linen/cotton, and since she has loaned me her sewing machine, I owe her sewing lessons!

I don't enjoy watching movies all that much...I have busy hand syndrome, and I generally believe movies to be a waste of time and money. (My roommate and I have discussed this, and we never feel like reading is a waste of time, or that buying books is a waste of money. Interesting.) But last night, I had to work at the College Switchboard, and it was a pretty quiet evening, so I put on A Simple Twist of Fate with Steve Martin. I'd never heard of the movie, but it sounded pretty goood. I pulled out my cross-stitch project, and settled into my chair. The story is about a former schoolteacher-turned-carpenter who takes in an heroin orphan toddler. The little girl, who wanders into his house in a snowstorm, becomes like a daughter to him. The plot, involving the hermit who adopts an orphan who finds her way to his home in a snowstorm, and the community that disapproves, suddenly reminded me of a book I haven't read in 15 years: George Eliot's Silas Marner. I wondered if the screenplay had been based, or at least inspired by the novel. It still surprised me to find how well my memory served me; when the credits rolled, Eliot's novel was mentioned first!


llane said…
must say i agree on the tv versus reading/buying books discussion. i try to explain it to samuel all the time, but he grew up with the television perpetually on and he just doesn't understand how it can drive me so batty sometimes!

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