Home is a certain luxury, and never have I appreciated that fact so much as in this season of my life when my temporary home is a college dorm. I enjoy going home to Oklahoma, but it is also pleasant to spend time in other families' homes, even when I am just the maid! Tonight, I am doing housework for a professor's family who is out of town this summer, tidying up after their guests who had been vacationing in Branson.

When I was a little girl, I pretended that I was a maid in someone else's house when I had to clean my room. Now, when I do housework for others, I like to imagine I am keeping house in my own home!

There are beds to make, carpets to vacuum, floors to sweep, wastebaskets to empy, windows and mirrors to wash, laundry to wash, and as I set to the task of making things orderly and clean, I feel about it like I do when I step into a library: gleeful! Facing the shelves in a library, I can hardly contain the joy I feel about being surrounded by a wealth of ideas. In a home that needs cleaning, I feel a similar joy. There is so much wrong in the world, and I am just one woman; however, there is a wealth of potential for improvement at home, and I can manage that.


I use to do the same thing when I was a child pretend I was the maid, when in school I would clean out my classmates desks, I was known as mrs clean.lol How funny. anyhow OK is where I currently reside

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