Abby and I

Abby and I had Restoration and 18th Century British Lit together last semester. She graduated in May and is heading overseas on a two year mission with Operation Mobilization. We met for lunch at Panera a few weeks back, where we caught up on each other's lives and shared some of our dreams. As she puts it, she will be "working with the ship ministry on a ship called Doulos, which distributes Christian and educational literature, as well as aiding local churches in Asian port cities." I'll miss Abby's bright eyes, big smile, and dear heart, not to mention our conversations about life and love and literature, our Father, and our callings. My prayers go with you, Abby; I have you in my heart!


llane said…
aw, she's cute! i love her hat, and i love YOUR fantabulous green ruffled top!

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