O, the irony! I'm "working" in the school's Work Education Office this summer, but there is never quite enough to keep me busy. I've grown creative to pass the time. My activities include:
  • reading
  • designing business cards
  • writing poetry
  • reviewing lectures that C of O professors presented in last semester's colloquium
  • emailing friends (If you get an email from me, don't faint!)
  • ordering books for my fall classes
  • listening soothing music

If this season of ease continues, I will begin reading the texts for my three lit classes.

Tomorrow, I'm going home for an extended weekend. I had already planned to go when I found out my brother was flying home from Fort Bragg, NC this weekend. He recently returned safely from his third deployment to the middle east, for which we are immensely thankful. Isn't it just like the Lord to work it out for us both to be home at the same time? I doubt we could have orchestrated so well if we had tried!


llane said…
oh! how sweet that you'll get to see your brother! and sounds like a cushy job you have there... hope you're eating lots of bon bons! ;)

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