I'm tired of coming home (and by coming home, I mean coming back to my dorm room), and opening the door to what smells suspciously like a barn. The room Audra and I share is on the fifth floor, with a window facing west; it is a room with a view. But it does possess an agricultural aura. The girls before us were aggies. I do not mention that fact in ridicule, but by way of explanation: there are very good reasons our abode smells the way it does! I'd like to rent a carpet cleaner, but I'm guessing it's against school rules. Tonight, I went to That Dreadful Place and bought $11 of chemicals, aka air fresheners, carpet deodorizer, and bathroom cleaners. I'm probably killing some rare lifeform and increasing my chances of cancer every time I open one of the products, but our quality of life is at stake, and these are risks we must take.


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