Home was happy. I didn't take any pictures of the Brother because I thought "What's the use? He'd shoot me if I posted them on my blog." He was bronze and buff from the Iraqi sun, and to my relief, more relaxed than the last time he visited.

Coming back to Branson, I couldn't resist snapping a few pictures from the car. I would have taken more, but my camera's card was full, and while taking pictures while driving is ill-advisable, deleting them is even more hazardous.

Highway 60

Good deal on gas

$2.82 was the cheapest I'd seen gas, so I pulled over and filled up with super unleaded. For some strange reason, it was cheaper than regular unleaded. Later, when I had left the beaten track and headed south to avoid the barricade resulting from a truck fire, I saw gas for an amazing $2.71.

Random facts I learned from taking the backroads:
  • Yes, gentle reader, there is a Newtonia, MO, and a Newton county.
  • Granby is the oldest mining town in the southwest.
  • Travel without map is fun if you have time to follow your nose.


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