As I am winding down for the day, my thoughts turn toward bedtime rituals. One delight I revel in when I need to relax is a lavender bath, followed by lavender lotion, and a spritz of lavender linen spray on my pillow.

While in Oregon, Lydia and I spent a night at Hoffman Hills, a charming cottage B & B in the Columbia River Gorge area, smack dab on a lavender farm. I can't imagine a more idyllic spot, or one more relaxing and conducive to rest.

Rows of lavender, before the blooms

As Fanny Dashwood would say, "O! A cottage! How charming! A little cottage is always very snug."

Atop the lavatory sat a supply of pampering products, all lavender-scented.

The bathtub, one luxury lacking in dorm life

Invitation to relax


llane said…
oh how delightful! i spent the weekend quite ill, which actually meant that i had all the time in the world to relax (of course when you are miserable it doesn't really matter) and soak in hot baths full of salts from the dead sea that my mum brought back for me from her trip to Israel last summer. i do love a bath!

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