Lillibeth thought I was joking when I mentioned coming to hold baby Lillian. I wasn't. When school lets out in May, I'm Oregon bound. It's been too long, seven years. I don't know where the time has gone. What have I been doing? It will be lovely to catch up with Lilli's family. They should feel privileged; I'm spending most of my vacation with them, to the neglect of my own family!

Here's is a tentative itinerary from my tour guide:

Ok, so we get you at the airport, and take you to lunch.
Then we drive up the Gorge the fast way and stop in The Dalles to rest up.
Diane and Steve have graciously said that they would be pleased to host you with us for a night at their house.

If you need a nap, then take a short one.
Then we will drive up to Maryhill Museum and maybe stop and walk on the Oregon Trail a bit.
Next Day explore the old highway, the one with all the waterfalls
(If you are ever bored one evening you might want to find a documentary on Sam Hill and the highway. Very intersting to know while we drive it)
And come home to L. and if we feel like it, to F.
Then we will spend the week gabbing and getting nothing done and talking about how we wasted our time visitng when we could be out exhausting ourselves with touring.
Then when we take you back to Portland airport, we might take a scenic route.
What do you think?
How about some sort of tea party thrown in?
I'd like to limit the touring to the Gorge on this trip, so you won't be dizzy!


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