Winter has settled over the countryside, like a downy white duvet over soiled sheets. Beneath the fresh fallen snow, a drab landscape lies, obliterated in beauty. Snow, like confectioner's sugar from a sieve, sifts down. Students congregated on the activities field for a snowball fight; some professors are rumored to be giving open book quizes tomorrow in celebration of the snow. Josh and I didn't join the snowball fight, but in our beeline for Dean Larsen's truck, where jugs of hot chocolate awaited us, we nearly stepped on a snowangel, newborn in the snow. After downing our cups warm chocolate, we crunched across campus for hot chocolate and coffee in the campus center lounge. We didn't stay but long enough to thaw our hands, before trudging back to the dorms to bury our noses in our books.

Words of the day:
imprimis (the pronunciation is im-preye-mis)
rugged individualist


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