The trouble began in earnest when I updated my Blogger account to the new version. Our Netscape has seemed to be throwing tantrums every time I tried to blog a post. It's been giving us fits since we started using Netscape a while back; IE went on the blink months ago and I haven't been able to find the installation disk. Today, I had a brilliant thought after attempting to blog yet another ill-fated post: try Firefox! It's a miracle. We can actually surf the web in real time, no waiting 20 minutes for a page to load. I've uninstalled Netscape, both versions, as well as Internet Explorer. Our computer seems to be feeling better now.

Download Mozilla Firefox today.


Lauryl said…
yes, we've been using firefox for several months now and LOVE it. it's a dream, can't recommend it enough!
I use firefox now, too... IE was just giving me too much trouble.

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