It is a quiet afternoon on Saddle Lane, the tree trimmed, and Christmas on its way. We don't know what to do for Christmas dinner. Amy and I may dig out the back issues of Victoria magazine for inspiration.

I'm overwhelmed by all the projects I could be working on; frustrated because my things are still in boxes and I don't know which boxes to look in first; annoyed by the clutter (we have too much stuff for such a small house!); wondering if I will ever get organized.

Amy has promised to help me paint my room. I'd like to get my curtains made. Lauryl gave me a length of red and white cotton she must have meant for a regency gown; I'd planned on making a gown from it until I saw how nice it looked with my Pottery Barn wholecloth quilt!

Catherine wonders if I have time to make her little girl a dress; how can I say no? I'm aching to sew again.


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