Another gray day dawned, permeated by a fine mist which has burned off now. This week seems interminable. I am in slow motion. Tomorrow, I have a paper due in my comp class that I haven't started yet. I'm writing the intro and and first two points; my partner on the project is taking the second two points and conclusion. In this article, we will show that the Bible does not oppose interracial marriage.

My speech today was on how to improve one's health; not my favorite topic to be sure. I took a cue from the Europeans and recommended a more active daily lifestyle. Walk, don't drive. Climb stairs, don't take the elevator. Eat your veggies. Half-size McDonald's meals. I know I could do better about working out, but I loathe taking time out just for exercise. If I can get a good walk in, and go shopping, all the better. Fortunately, the college is close enough to Hollister that I can walk if I want to. I get a lot of walking in just around campus, and there is always Life Wellness activities on Tuesday and Thursday. Today, they had us galloping back and forth across the gym. I am trying to eat more healthfully, always a challenge in the dear old cafeteria!

Heading to lunch...


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