Before class commenced this morning, someone inquired of Dr. Head, "Who is your favorite author?" We know he likes Homer and Aristotle; we've spent the past six weeks discussing The Iliad and Aristotles Nicomachean Ethics in Classical Ideals of Character. (I never imagined classical literature could hold such appeal. Dr. Head is a marvel; his enthusiasm for the inquiry into honor and virtue is contagious. Our reflective essays in response to the question "How does the desire for honor shape one's character" are due Friday.) But back to my original topic...

"Wait, let me guess," Wes interjected. "It's C.S. Lewis."

"I'm sorry," Dr. Head confessed. "I have to admit it is C.S. Lewis."

His favorite book by Lewis is The Abolition of Man, about which I, shamefully, know little, even though I did an biographical speech on the life of Lewis a few weeks ago. Dr. Head uses The Abolition in the Comp II class, which I look forward to taking at some far off time. I'm blessed to be studying English at a college that incorporates wholesome literature into its curriculum. Looking at the English section of the college catalog, I am giddy with anticipation; I can't imagine the wonders that will be revealed in the classes ahead.


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