La vita e bella. Life is beautiful. It is an exciting prospect to dream a God-sized dream. Joseph made the mistake of sharing his with jealous brothers and awoke to menacing voices of slave-traders. His brothers shredded and bloodied his coat before showing their father. By all appearances, the dream was dead. But wait, it did not die. Though enslaved by fraternal hate, a woman's lying tongue, and another dreamer's negligence, as Joseph's character emerged, so too his dream.

God understands that our understanding is limited to the here and now; when He speaks to us, He does so in terms that we can accept in the present. The fulfillment comes about in ways that are often unexpected and even unrecognized. Prophetically, the brothers' sheaves bowed down to Joseph, but it was the brothers who bowed down to him in reality. Perhaps Joseph realized the famine would stretch to the land of his father when he interpreted Pharoah's dream, but did he know his brothers would come seeking provisions? Or what circumstances would bring them face to face at last? I doubt it. He was caught up in meeting the deadlines of planting and harvest, storage and rationing; so we get caught up with life.

We say we are 'seeking God's will', but often it is an excuse for putting off the task at hand. God's will is in the here and now. "Whatsoever your hand finds to do, do it heartily as unto the Lord." God knows what circumstances will develop our character best. He knows those faithful in little can be trusted with much. Like Joseph, the fulfillment of our dreams comes, not with loud fanfare, but in everyday ways, when our heart's to God and our hand's to man. Let us realize the dreams God has given us. May we live all the days of our life! L'chaim!!


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